Hair Transplant India

Hair Trasplant Center IndiaHair transplant procedures at Walia Hair Transplant India Center are modern and current hair transplant surgeries in India. Hair transplant procedures of the best international standard are available at quite economic cost at the Center. These procedures are performed personally by Dr Devinderjit Singh Walia MD, through advanced and expensive medical instruments. He has highly experienced team of doctors, surgeons, and supporting medical staff. The procedures are always fruitful and provide excellent results. Women with hair thinning or bald spots on useful hairy areas are treated with the painless procedures. Many men who face baldness or excessive hair loss on their important hairy zones are also getting their hairstyles with perfect hairlines and look through the procedures. Dr Walia, trained from Colorado USA, is highest authority for issuing latest hair transplant surgeries at the Hair Transplant India Center.

ISO Certified Hair Transplant IndiaHair transplant is indeed a meticulous job for around four to five hours where hair grafts are taken from donor areas and then transplanted thorough making very minute incisions in the recipient parts of a patient who undergoes the surgery. Hair transplant Cost at the Hair Transplant India Center is very reliable and affordable too. It is also economic as they offer discount packages for the surgeries done to restore head hairstyles. Broken and missing front hairlines of people are transplanted with their intact and potent hairs. One week after hair transplant, the transplanted hair grafts show hair growth and scabs at their roots are removed automatically. After three to four months, a good looking and perfect hairstyle with one and half inch to two inches long hairs is developed. This gives immense pleasure, happiness, and confidence to the individual who takes the procedure after losing confidence, and smile from his/her face due to the disorder.



Hair loss and baldness are always developing inferiority in men and women. They always feel stress for their appearance. Hair transplant procedures at the Center are proved to be a boon for health and beauty of people. A good personality is again achieved through the procedures. The Hair Transplant India center is also providing procedures to restore hairs on eyebrows and eyelashes. Beard hair transplant and mustache hair transplant are also provided to men who face hair loss on their beard or mustaches. Scars lacking hairs on hairy features and head are also made invisible through transplanting hairs on them at the center.

AFTER HAIR TRANSPLANTHair transplantation is really the best cosmetic treatment where skin with no hair or less hairs is treated successfully. This is very important and  useful for handsomeness for men as well as beauty of women. The best qualities of the hair transplant procedures at the Hair Transplant India Center are that these procedures are always fruitful and painless. Moreover, these do not form any rounded scars on donor parts from where hair grafts were taken. People who face different hair loss problems, live in India or other nations worldwide, may avail hair transplant services the Hair Transplant India Center. No doubt, the hair transplant treatments are very beneficial to people facing baldness or hair loss for their professional as well as social life.

A hair transplant procedure performed on Mr. Rohan at Walia Hair Transplant Center, shows best results at the top of his head. It shows that all hair grafts are transplanted in right directions and will provide a perfect hairstyle. Around 5000 hair grafts were transplanted during last month on his scalp to treat male pattern baldness. He came to us with extreme hair loss and lack of confidence. After hair transplant treatment at our Hair Transplant center, he is looking very confident with excellent hairstyle.

Similarly, around 6000 hair grafts were transplanted on head of Mr. Ajay. He was experiencing baldness and was looking quite depressed. Through two consecutive sessions for hair transplant, his baldness was treated during last month. He got perfect hairstyle and now he is very happy with it.