Hair Trasplant IndiaWhy should you wear caps and wigs to save yourself the embarrassment of a balding hair, when hair transplant science has made so much advancement to make you look more attractive charming and youthful. Dr. Devinderjit S. Walia has now made hair transplant not only a guaranteed solution but also an affordable treatment for one and all. Over long period of his successful professional establishment, he is now recognized as a leading hair transplant surgeon, both nationally and internationally.

ISO Certified Hair Transplant IndiaAt ISO certified Walia`s hair transplant center you can expect world class treatment of hair under the care of Dr. Devinderjit S. Walia. At Walia`s hair transplant center, we provide the best and the latest 3rd generation hair transplant treatment which is known as FUE. Under our holistic approach of treatment we take complete care of a customer`s psycho-physical needs. We are famous for our hospitality, customer satisfaction and proven track record. With some of the most proficient and trained staff members, we are confident to deliver what we commit.

Trained in Colorado, USA, under Dr. James Harris at Hair Sciences Center, DrWalia is the only doctor in India qualified enough for hair transplant. A well-qualified and dedicated team is available at your service. Here they offer 3000 follicular units by FUE and 4000 follicular units by FUT to transplant, which is recommended by the best hair transplant centers in the world. We follow a totally natural hair growth mechanism which ensures permanent effects.

Dr. Walia`sFor best results Dr. Walia`s hair transplant center is equipped with state of the art equipment and technology. You will find all the safest harvesting instruments for FUE and devices for FUT STRIP, which have been imported from USA. In this state of the art hair treatment center we follow strict health practices under which all the machines are sterilized on regular basis. Use of disposables avoids any chance of infection being passed away from one person to another.

Dr. Walia`s hair transplant center is the only place where you would be provided all the information about the merits and demerits of FUE and FUT strip treatments prior to the treatment. Here we provide an assurance for transplanting permanent hair. We care for your hair at Dr. Walia`s Hair transplant center.

For guaranteed and assured results we strongly recommend you to once visit Dr. Walia`s hair transplant center.